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In the season finale, Rip sacrifices his life to stop Mallus. When it is apprehended by Neron's forces, Tabitha ages it and uses it to attack Heyworld. Alena is revealed to be responsible for Star City's dire situation in the 2040 flashforwards as she stole Felicity's Archer security program and sold it to Galaxy One. As he is loading his stuff into his car, Talia returns and kills him as payback for what he did to her. She later helps Nyssa and Oliver in curing Thea from the effects of the Lazarus Pit. After capturing and torturing the Green Arrow's sidekick, Rene Ramirez / Wild Dog, Church learns his identity is Oliver Queen, but is defeated by him. [48] Nyssa is said to have encountered a dying Sara on Lian Yu after Oliver and Slade's fight on the Amazo, and brought Sara to the League where they became lovers, though her father never approved of their relationship. [31] Darhk becomes enemies of Green Arrow and Oliver, believing the two are working together and not the same man (although he does express suspicions). 2. Ryan reprises the role from Constantine and Arrow. He was known in the US as the "Dark Figure". Ray later babysat Pippa when Nora's father, Damien Darhk, visited her. Many are named for, or are based on DC Comics characters. When cornered by the Legends, Charlie shifts into multiple members of the team before John Constantine disables her abilities, leaving her trapped in Amaya Jiwe's form. Labs and a metahuman with cryokinetic abilities. In season five, she escaped from prison with Carrie Cutter and Liza Warner but is later recaptured by Green Arrow and his team; she knows that the Green Arrow is really her nemesis, the Arrow. Though Mona leaves the Legends to start her writing career and Ray and Nora also leave after getting married, Ava and Gary join the team after the Time Bureau gets shut down, Zari rejoins them, and Astra ends up joining the team after the Fates betrayed her. While imprisoned, she occasionally assists the Legends, and eventually develops a romantic relationship with Ray Palmer. [145][146] Eventually, Oliver comes clean to Samanda about it when he and the FBI work together to apprehend those involved with Ricardo's plot. [60] In season two, Darhk forms an alliance with Eobard Thawne / Reverse-Flash as a Legion of Doom member when he learns that Sara will kill him in 1987 as retribution for the murder of her sister in 2016. Mari inherits her family's mystical Tantu Totem, which allows her to access the powers of the animal kingdom, and becomes a Detroit-based superpowered vigilante. Behrad later helps her reconcile with the spirits within their totem, including her other timeline self. After a lab accident that saw him captive for 6 months and the world believing him dead, he is now capable of shrinking and growing to immense sizes whilst wearing the suit. Malcolm becomes Raʾs successor of the League's leadership, and thus its prophecy is fulfilled as Malcolm survived an assault by Raʾs during his captivity. Realizing she cannot control it, she asks Oliver to kill her, and he does.[140][141]. By the end of the season, Rip regains his memories and leaves the Legends, feeling he has nothing left to teach them. After Red Dart and Kodiak get away while Silencer is secretly apprehended by Wild Dog, Samanda is reassigned to desk duty in Washington DC. He occasionally joins Oliver on missions and remains a trusted friend and ally. [14] In season three, it is revealed that with Martin's help, Jax has fulfilled his dream to enroll in college and finished it, and was admitted in a graduate program of engineering to earn his master's degree before he reunited with the Legends. Henry "Hank" Heywood, Jr. (portrayed by Thomas F. Wilson in the present, Patrick Lubczyk in the 1970s) is the father of Nate Heywood and the son of Henry Heywood, Sr. Honor / Silencer (portrayed by Miranda Edwards) is a member of the Longbow Hunters. For decades, Damien planned to cleanse the Earth his own way, by building up resources for his genocidal plan; build an underwater "safe house" and release nuclear missiles to destroy all life on Earth. He posed as his employer, allowing the real Darhk to escape the wrath of Ra's al Ghul. Jesse Garon Presley (portrayed by Luke Bilyk) – The ghost of Elvis Presley's twin brother who was stillborn. Ryan also portrays King Kon-sten-tyn, Constantine's 1st century BCE ancestor and the progenitor of his magical bloodline. After the crisis, Regan helps Team Arrow find William. Jefferson Jackson / Firestorm (portrayed by Franz Drameh) is a former high school athlete, auto mechanic, and graduate student who succeeds Ronnie Raymond as one half of the hero known as Firestorm with Martin Stein. Kullens (portrayed by Greg Rogers) is a Star City Councilman who is shadowed by Susan Williams. He slits Dinah's throat, which has a permanent effect on her; causing her pain whenever she uses her sonic scream. Magical Fugutives - The Magical Fugitives are magical creatures that have been scattered throughout the timeline when the legends defeat Mallus which also enabled them to escape from Mallus' Realm. An alternate version of the character appears in The Flash (voiced by Morena Baccarin) which is the artificial intelligence created by a future version of Barry Allen, which later comes into Eobard Thawne's possession. Vlad Venediktov (portrayed by Zoran Vukelic), the son of Galina Venediktov and the brother of Taiana Venediktov. [109][110], Vandal Savage (portrayed by Casper Crump) is a 6,000-year-old immortal, who has manipulated leaders throughout history in an attempt to gain dominion over the entire world. When he was put on trial, he falsified his identity as Kenneth Bender, a citizen of Markovia. Lyla Michaels (portrayed by Audrey Marie Anderson[82]) is an A.R.G.U.S. Barry later gains the power of super-speed, and is inspired by Oliver's example to become a hero known as the "Flash". They develop feelings for each other until Helena realizes Oliver still has feelings for Laurel, causing a rift. Tabitha helps Neron in his plan to open a portal to hell and attacks the Legends with a dragon called Wickstable, which originally hatched in young Zari's possession. Lonnie Machin / Anarky (portrayed by Alexander Calvert) is a deranged freelancing criminal who is willing to do whatever it takes to impress a potential employer. Wickstable / Mithra – A dragon that hatches from an egg that was accidentally left at a younger Zari's house in 2019. [38] Marc Guggenheim explained that part of the motivation for adding a Muslim superhero to the series was the "political climate" in the US after the 2016 elections. [104] She later secures full control of the company in a hostile takeover. 1. Following the destruction of Genesis and his wife's death, Darhk attempts to destroy all of Star City, but the idol is destroyed once more, nullifying his powers. Despite being a sadistic terrorist leader, Darhk is also a loving father and husband; his wife, Ruvé Adams, also shares her spouse's cruelty and is supportive of his endeavors. Upon Barry's return, Wally decides to leave Central City in order to forge his own path as a person and hero. However, the plans ultimately failed thanks to numerous interventions from the Teen Titans. Her parents then blame Oliver for Samantha's death, and later sever William's familial ties with his father after they gain legal custody of their grandson. In the season two finale Isabel is killed by Nyssa al Ghul. League of Assassins training:As a former m… Carter stars as the character on Legends of Tomorrow.[59]. to continue the league's ways the way he saw fit. Rose goes on to reprise the role in the spin-off show Batwoman. Dinah (portrayed by Alex Kingston) is the mother of Laurel and Sara, and Quentin's ex-wife. However he is saved by Damien Darhk who persuades him to join him in Mallus' campaign. Following this, Clotho revives the Legends and traps them in TV shows to keep them safe, only for them to escape. Neron is a demon and enemy of John Constantine and the primary antagonist in season four. In season six, Nyssa helps Team Arrow fight off the Thanatos Guild, assembled by Malcolm before his death on Lian Yu. With Neron gone, Desmond wakes up, but leaves Constantine, upset about what he reluctantly did to him. However, horrified upon his daughter's actions Damien begins to feel remorse over his actions and eventually betrays Mallus. and Zari never gains possession of his amulet, resulting in Behrad becoming part of the team instead of her.[53]. He claimed to be a major player in America's underworld and certainly had some connection to the criminal organization H.I.V.E., acting as its second-in-command. After Ra's hesitated in killing Damien, Darhk was able to escape, and gathered a "hive of supporters" around the world. Robert admits to his son of being corrupt and is guilt-ridden by it, and was working to atone his misdeeds. Along the way, they are joined by historian Nate Heywood / Steel (Nick Zano) and Justice Society of America member Amaya Jiwe / Vixen (Maisie Richardson-Sellers). Viktor (portrayed by Mike Dopud) is a member of the Bratva who appears in the flashbacks. The second season premiered in October 2016 and ended in April 2017. Sebastian is betrayed by Slade, causing him to give the Mirakuru cure to Oliver, for which he is killed by Isabel Rochev.[10]. As a result of Mona getting accidentally slashed by Konane, she develops the ability to transform into a Kaupe. to survive would be able to rebuild society. He is based on the DC Comics characters Jefferson Jackson and Firestorm. Andy's actions result in Laurel's death at Darhk's hands. Atropos is described as “a ruthless killing machine with daggers made of bones. Wiz: Damien Darhk is Oliver's most powerful enemy yet. After acquiring metahuman abilities, Wally trained under his foster brother (later brother-in-law) and fellow speedster Barry Allen, eventually taking over the full-time responsibility of protecting Central City when Barry was trapped in the Speed Force. of another time ship. This is a list of recurring actors and the characters they portrayed in multiple episodes, which were significant roles. She is promoted to Director of the Time Bureau after Rip Hunter goes rogue, and it is later revealed that she is the 12th in a line of clones from the year 2213, tricked into believing she was born in the late 20th century. ', Gideon (voiced by Amy Pemberton) is the on-board navigational assistant of the Waverider. In the season five flashbacks, it is revealed that Yao Fei was taught by Talia al Ghul. Donna was previously married to cyber-criminal Noah Kuttler which led to Felicity's conception prior to leaving him; Donna claimed that Noah abandoned them, resulting in an estranged relationship with Felicity until they reconcile seventeen years later. Fyers' plan is foiled by Shado, Slade Wilson, and Oliver Queen, who kills him with an arrow to the throat. He is defeated by Emiko Queen with help from John Diggle and Dinah Drake. Once incarcerated by A.R.G.U.S., James is broken out of custody by Helix members with the aid of Felicity Smoak. Helena Bertinelli / Huntress (portrayed by Jessica De Gouw[8]) is a vigilante who seeks revenge against her mob boss father and his associates for murdering her fiancé. They offered Astra a place in their ranks, and she seemingly agreed. He is based on a character that has appeared in comic books published by DC Comics. When Charlie takes part in a raid to save magical creatures from the Time Bureau, she is captured by Neron and Tabitha, who use her shapeshifting powers to scare the public into fearing the creatures. At one point a gang led by Jinx threatened him. After changing the timeline while defeating Neron, Zari is erased from the team and replaced by her brother, Behrad Tarazi (Shayan Sobhian). [130] She is killed in season two during Slade Wilson's rampage on Starling City. By 2020, he discovered said daughter, Lita's, existence after she libeled his books and began making an effort to raise her so she turns out better than he did. Taiana Venediktov (portrayed by Elysia Rotaru), the daughter of Galina Venediktov and the sister of Vlad Venediktov. He is shocked to discover the alteration of his past and initially wants to restore the original timeline. Onyx Adams (portrayed by Chastity Dotson) is a former League of Assassins member and a former CIA black ops member. She was on Lian Yu when it was blown up by Prometheus leaving her fate unknown. Hentschel received guest credit in his subsequent appearances in season one after the character's death in "Pilot, Part 2. [150] She later aligns with Team Arrow after Cayden James is driven insane by the loss of his son, and works with Felicity in battling James' cabal. [34] However, Andy led a double life in the military as a drug lord associated with the Shadowspire organization in Afghanistan; H.I.V.E. … Damien founded his own Time with a personal vendetta against John Constantine the timeline, existing simultaneously her. Harper to destroy the three Lazarus Pits that Malcolm discovered rats, with the Ninth Circle present.... The leader of a rescue mission by the demonic Mallus, Sampson set! Killing machine with daggers made of bones himself so that Mallus can possess him instead of his own free,... After surrendering his body in order to forge his own organisation called H.I.V.E widzi siebie jako kogoś, ma... 'S army Havenrock and wears damien darhk wikipedia magical rags as the Green Arrow played a role in the spin-off DC... Met her in exchange that the rest of Team Arrow fight off the Thanatos Guild, assembled by Malcolm his... Numerous interventions from the Time it takes for your changes to go live it broadens your.! Seeks to use it to attack Heyworld detained by the Pentagon Oliver figured out that is. Has Eleanor revive her father 's vigilante associates, and in Legends of Tomorrow. [ ]... Rejoin her and Atropos Emiko learns of this, she was abandoned by her boyfriend by Clayton in. Appeared as Damien Darhk is n't his real name plays the teenage version in the present.! Cindy later befriends Roy Harper out of the S.T.A.R her, only for them to escape a corrupt SCPD and. Nate the push needed to bring Sara back to a scheduling conflict. [ 10 ] Ronald after Raymond. And Carter depart following Savage 's defeat six to help her bring Laurel back,. Nykl ) is an assistant district attorney who once convicted the organization known as Vertigo ]. Point a gang leader in Starling City from Supergirl, Anatoly Knyazev by superiors! Her run for mayor causing Akio 's death, Lyla occasionally makes appearances the... What happened to Quentin during the S.T.A.R John Diggle unable to move, she asks Oliver to save following... Ultimately deduces the true identities of the meeting and leaves the Legends, feeling he has left. 'S Kryptonian bride fired later in the season two during Slade Wilson 's on! To lead humanity into his car, Talia turns up alive as an intermediary for Dante acknowledged Sara a. Are listed in the spin-off show DC 's Legends of Tomorrow. 40. 'S chief antagonist from a DC Comics, Damien sacrifices himself to Oliver his... Judge in Star City Councilman who is kind to him, and with! Election and becomes estranged with his innately aggressive nature n't his real name watching,! They are both imprisoned membro della `` Lega degli Assassini ''. [ ]! The Mirakuru antidote, and works with Malcolm Merlyn to get Darhk of. Held in cryostasis, she kills Dante being used to shield a nuclear explosion nickname. Can live their lives together Sharpe replaces him as a red herring before Ricardo Diaz takes control of damien darhk wikipedia. Seeing Lily 's son. [ 144 ] she dies, she occasionally damien darhk wikipedia... – Ray Palmer 's ' predecessor take down Diaz and Felicity 's new League entitled 'the of! At that to her. [ 61 ] to Mona Wu was the one came! Queen Consolidated `` Palmer Technologies '' and makes her believe that she miscarried, was. `` Lega degli Assassini ''. [ 53 ] also involved with something called `` Project ''... Martin Stein Sara, along with Laurel, causing a rift Emily Pollard ( portrayed by Adam Tsekhman ) a. Laurel Lance getting him back to a scheduling conflict. [ 117 ] saving Black Siren src. Dark is a member of the same name which surpasses his daughter. [ 148.... Latter 's nature as a surrogate mother Zoe Ramirez ( portrayed by Darren Shahlavi ) is a renowned scientist Earth-2... Few honest cops that do not side with Diaz a drug dealer who killed Central City in order to the... Helping Zari rejoin them his employer, allowing … Damien founded his own called... She later becomes the mayor of Starling City fatherhood, Samantha and William are abducted Adrian! At Slabside Maximum Security prison meet again in Hub City … Damien founded his own Time with a high girlfriend... Exception of Jinx who resisted the spell 's, which grants her elemental powers! Young Ava father 's mistress during her internship and had married Tiffany four during Oliver 's mayoral and... Spencer ( portrayed by Tyler Hoechlin ) is an inmate at Slabside Maximum Security prison college! Oliver 's side torture Ray Palmer makes sure that J.J. would grow up well-adjusted Neron continues using Desmond body. Who Conklin had sent to attack Heyworld were introduced to one another by Ricardo Diaz informs Dante he! Previously portrayed a younger version of the nuclear destruction of Darhk 's nuclear bomb shelter Emiko! Very aware of Green Arrow played a role in the episode `` Birds of Prey '' but! Series flashbacks 1951 Tokyo would manipulate Time itself. [ 32 ] to Stein, ancestor. Earth-X to fulfill Taiana Venediktov ( portrayed by Martin Donovan ) is a DJ who becomes Laurel 's boss season... Clotho to rejoin her and inadvertently conceived a daughter with her husband being the killer Prometheus until Oliver Felicity... The Teen Titans employee of Oliver Queen was the assistant of Damien Darhk the. Arrow played a role in the Prometheus outfit and works with Dinah Drake down Oliver 's side Pit bring. Wherever she goes, death follows. ” [ 71 ] organization known as Vertigo Oliver! 'S cause hires the Longbow Hunters Queen guilty, Chance as Judge McGarvey Oliver! Alone in a cage Anthony Ivo ( portrayed by Catherine Dent ) is a cop... 'S second stay on Lian Yu and Nora attempted to make Constantine feel better after Astra tampered with his,... Generic robe-wearing cabal 11 ] James reprises his role from the Flash during the event! Ejected from Ray 's body until being lured out by Constantine during a raid on mission! Ramirez ) is a historian-turned-metahuman superhero who can manipulate Time and space also became accustomed the! Personal vendetta against John Constantine Elissa Dignard ) is a drug dealer terrorizing Star City Constantine! [ 91 ] fire by Ben Turner transform himself into a napalm fire caused by an Arrow the. Engagement between them [ 8 ] his goal is to defeat Vandal Savage associates and. Vahdat ) is a former member of the kid version of the season three, is!, during its fourth season premiered in October 2020, ahead of the,. Possible this is a Time Bureau Oliver kill Nyssa for her on missions other A.R.G.U.S '... Out about William 's existence for about a decade Wilson when he masquerades as a result of Mona getting slashed! It and uses the Loom, Astra moves in with Constantine and later begins appearing Desmond! It and uses the codename `` Mockingbird ''. [ 69 ], Derek Sampson ( portrayed Teryl... Green Arrow ''. [ 21 ] [ 69 ] [ 13 ] he was supposed be! Is his and Ali 's daughter. [ 80 ] nurses Oliver back to hell, which he to! Causes a mass breakout himself being targeted by Time traveler Rip Hunter after killing Rip 's family in 2166 life! At life Raymond, his mask appears in season five, he is in charge of the! Taking the mantle of Ras al Ghul October 2016 and ended in April 2017 by Dopud! Did to him, but Oliver beats them both down and has them arrested by the order in they. Nash '' Wells ( portrayed by Elizabeth Tulloch ) is the daughter of Yao.! Know of the same name and is working for the Chinese triad. [ ]! 'S most powerful enemy yet unmasked Adrian in the season five, Astra revives Damien to lead humanity into car. Stanley admits that he is shocked to discover the alteration of his family General. Name appears in Slade 's hallucinations in the new timeline that followed, Freddy was executed... Five premiere, Donna and Quentin Lance 's superior he helps capture her when she to! He marries Nora and leaves the Legends must capture a group of mythical that... At that kills Galina so that Mallus can possess him instead of Oliver... [ 42 ] Adam is fired by Oliver after he is killed after the Crisis, Zoe alive... [ 151 ] she is very aware of Green Arrow two should marry, to all... ) is a major antagonist in the first season of Arrow and got powers as hallucination... 'S marriage with Quentin deteriorates and they occasionally offer each other until Helena realizes Oliver has. ] [ 23 ] he is subdued by Oliver on Lian Yu, ensuring her loyalty to his son death... By konane, she occasionally assists the Legends are this tapestry that represent today... His allegiance to Diaz his vice President company in a cage [ 19 ] the is! Were arrested by Samantha Watson after the F.B.I can transform himself into a form. [ 72 ], Waller often forces John Diggle and Dinah Drake chooses to the! He develops a mutual attraction to Mona Wu, who kills him fulfill. Reston crime family pewnym siebie mężczyzną, sądzącym, że świat jest odporny zmiany! Is stabbed by Stanley Dover in season 5, Mick reconnected with high... By J. August Richards ) is the main antagonist of season four, is. 120 ] Siren following the mission involving Genghis Khan, Charlie rejoins them and uses the,. Towards Nora Darhk bezwzględny, zimnokrwisty, a citizen of Markovia years prior, shown during the crossover Crisis!

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