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suzuki tuning software
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Update to keyboard shortcuts: Earlier CTRL + R to reset error codes is now R key only. Peugeot - Peugeot 307 2.0 HDI 107hp Delivered on 21-10-2020 Lowest MAP value that can be used is changed from 20kPa to 0kPa. New Launch control cut mode (cut % from table). New user defined Lambda sensor (0-5v external lambda controller). Added user description text settings for PDM keypad buttons and User Cut tables. New Fuel Adaptation (long term trim) function with apply to main VE table table feature. Tuning files Suzuki Dyno-ChiptuningFiles.com is leading in the development of Suzuki tuning files. Undo and redo operations using CTRL + Z and CTRL + R in MTune. Dragracing traction control. The development of each Suzuki tuning … Viper V10 and odd-fire wasted spark support. New auto gearbox support: Toyota A340E/A341E. Fixed a bug where AC output was not reactivated if the AC reactivation time was set to 0.0. New RealTime Data value: Engine max MAP (resettable with a button in engine counters). Added time and voltage value display at the current cursor position in the built-in trigger oscilloscope diagnostics tool. New PWM Input Frequency+Duty digital input function to read frequency and duty. Celtic Tunings Suzuki Tuning is custom developed in-house which enables us to tailor it to your requirements and … Added a free air calibration button for the lambda sensors (for calibrating worn/older sensors). – or keep it simple, We got fed up with complicated systems that were difficult and time-consuming to navigate. Labels on all output functions in output config: Sinking, H-bridge and 12V driving). Added the ability for most DIN functions to be controlled from several input pins/sources at the same time (logical OR if several pins are used). Tuning. Suzuki Hayabusa Generation 1 (1999-2007) OEM Engine Parts. That was the birth of the MaxxECU control system, We release free software updates regularly to keep the system up to date with new features and functions. Support for more character types in user AIN names, Input for analog ethanol concentration sensors, Option to input TDC angles for each cylinder (for odd-fire engines), Manual mode for controlling fuel and ignition output distribution, Transmission control: The RPM difference setting is ignored when the value is 0, Option to use fixed color scheme in log viewer (right click menu), Feature to set a zero point in logs to simplify comparing logs (great for dragracing), Ability to connect to the existing vehicle CAN system and read values that can be used in MaxxECU, Option to use thermocouples type N on EGT-inputs, Option to ignore missing 12V2 for MaxxECU PRO, Fixed a bug where closed boost target table 2 didn't get used correctly in 3 table mode, Analog AC pressure input for compressor control, Honda S2000 (F20C) trigger and CLT output, Fixed installation of drivers on Windows 10. Added the ability to activate a digital input function directly in the bluetooth settings, switches. New output function: Lambda module relay. New trigger: Suzuki Swift M15A 2005 - 2010. With FlashTune's software you can remove restrictions that the factory must put in place to meet strict street vehicle regulations. New pulse single output mode in Diagnostics --> injection and ignition output test. ECU Remapping or also known as Software Upgrades, done … Added the ability to activate individual extra tables instead of all of them. Below you will find the available manuals, installation guides, firmware, and software available for your Power Commander V. If you need help with your Power Commander V, please contact our Power Commander V Customer Support team . Autotune from logfile, change of visualization on both 2D and 3D. New RealTime Data Value: Nitrous Protection - Value to indicate the reason for the Nitrous protection system activation. Fixed a bug causing DINs not to work when a RACE/PRO tune with VR-inputs enabled was loaded into a STREET/SPORT/MINI. VAG DSG (DQ250) CAN control now initially supported. Max time on shiftcut removed and replaced with table control instead. New ECU error code: 211 - DCT: clutch slip engine cut. Fixed a bug causing DIN 1-2 not working as CAM/HOME input or other pulsed input functions on the new MaxxECU MINI. Save and load predefined groups of values, Optional filtering of MAP, TPS and RPM (in the ECU), Warning for high EMI levers (for example when using non resistor plugs), Inverted output for PWM fuel pump, also selectable frequency, Logged ignition angle does no longer include triggerdelay, Support for VR-sensors on DIN 1 and 2 (only rev7+ units), Support for 118 log channels (only rev7+ units), Option to add ignition adjustments to idle ignition angle, Increased number of ”Virtual Digital Inputs” to 6, Increased number of ”User outputs” to 10, Fixed causing lambda curves not showing up in the logs, Easy access to advanced RealTime Data by a simple mouse click, CAN for OEM protocols, OBDII and CAN dash, Live tuning - No need to burn changes - instant save, Standard missing tooth (60-2, 36-1). Suzuki Performance Tuning & Software Solutions. All values in MTune can now be entered as hexadecimal data (start with 0x). Fixed a bug where the rate limit settings would get assigned to the incorrect channels after changing logged channels. Added option to disable the Radiator FAN output control when the engine is off. Boost controller: Added deadtime, variable frequency and max duty option. Fixed a bug loading settings in imperial mode (from version 1.109). More adjustment for E-Throttle by extra tables, Antilag extra air can be controlled by a table, WBO2 heater can be activated by engine startup or ECU power on. New ECU error code: 213 - DCT: Downshifting took to long to complete. Drag zoom and scale lines added to the Log viewer. Remapping an ECU will result in about 10–15% increase in power and 15–20% increase in torque than a factory … New trigger: Subaru 2-teeth cam/vvt trigger. Zoom with buttons (arrow UP/DOWN) in log viewer. Fixed a bug causing hold for second function on keypad to not function properly. Added option for the Overrun fuel cut reactivation list to be a dynamic table (that can use 4D). MegaTunix is a cross-platform tuning application for some of the available DIY Fuel Injection controllers, including the MegaSquirt (MS1, MS1-Extra, MS2 and MS2-Extra) as … DIAGNOSTIC TOOLS; MOTORSPORT CONNECTORS & WIRING; OBD CABLES; DIAGNOSTIC SOFTWARE; ECU Programmers & Tuning… BMW DCT gearbox control: New Speed gear ratio correction setting added. E-Throttle module inputs can now be assigned as any other 0-5V input function. Bug fix: Firmware update dialog sometimes appeared behind the main MTune window improved. 3 point linear table generator on CLT/IAT inputs, NTC Sensor Setup dialog. Fixed a bug where online log recording could be started before the ECU was connected (and the default tune was added as the tune file). Added a dead time setting for the User PID output function. Disable fuel and Disable ignition check boxes in Trigger settings page. The current output states is shown in the output page, and in RT-data, Increased the max log rate to 1kHz for MaxxECU PRO, New internal logging system with datacompression for up to 5 times longer logs than before (>rev7). Fixed a bug making tables to narrow when rescaling tables. Added overrun cut ramp back time settings in Overrun fuel cut settings. Fixed a bug causing the Fuel EGT correction page to not show up when using EGTs on AINs on some ECU. New trigger: Honda CBR1000RR (crank + home). Ireland's Premier Motorcycle Tuning & Repair Centre. Can be entered as decimal or hex data. New trigger: Diahatsu Mira JB (4+1 on CAM). Locked cells cant be changed by the autotuner or by key shortcuts. Idle closed loop disable over RPM max value changed. WinOLS This is the best software to make changes in the file read from ECU. Fixed a bug where the knock peak value did not reset in knock control. Added options to control Nitrous fueling by lb/hr tables. User CAN output. Bug fix: Sometimes condition values did not match actual values when opening old tune files. Settings is now sorted in alphabetical order in MTune settings tree. AdBlue Removal. Warning are shown if a digital input functions that dont support it are used on several input pins. Validation is key. The intuitive tuning interface and powerful datalogger are modelled to be familiar to experienced professional tuners while providing all the power of expensive … Setting to allow Power management system to add overall ignition advance. Added an option to set the allowed voltage outside the defined range for E-throttle Pedal position (to allow for the kickdown range). Mazda - Mazda Mazda 6 … Fixed a bug where some trigger systems on MaxxECU MINI did not work properly. Fixed a bug where some RealTime Data items sometimes didn't get updated. All available values can now be used as axis sources. Search in MTune RealTime values and stored log-files (files from live-logger or internal logger). Fixed a bug where the internal wide band sensor accidentally used the manual free air calibration data value on MaxxECU PRO WBO 2 under very rare circumstances. There are many software available in the market which allows the tuner to identify various maps, make changes, correct the checksum etc. New OEM CAN Protocol: Ford Focus ST225, Ford Focus RS/ST 2005 - 2012 (ME 9.0). 160 NM. Eco Tuning. Added fuel offset and gain adjustments for cylinder 9-12 in Cylinder adjustment. Off-Road use only. Audi - Audi A6 2.7 TDI 180hp Delivered on 20-11-2020 Owners of late-model RM-Z motocrossers will rejoice the news of the all-new Suzuki MX-Tuner 2.0 tuning system for their motorcycles. ECU power hold user time can now be set with a table or a fixed value. Smoothing in tables, S keyboard shortcut. Added options to set interpolation modes for each table axis (XYZ). Fixed a bug causing the boost controller min/max duty's and dead-time correction to not work. R keyboard shortcut is now back in whole system to erase all stored error codes from anywhere in MTune. This can bring an extra power of up to 39 hp and 62 Nm can be achieved. Fixed a bug where the trigger oscilliscope would stop working, Fixed jumping values in the Realtime Data view, Fixed a bug where the time reference for dragracing timeslips didn't work, Fixed a bug where log presets didn't get saved, Fixed a bug with funny text in the notes-setting, Added Horizontal scroll to all tables that get to big to display, Added PWM % for PWM 1, 2 and 3 as an axis for tables. Added external CAN wideband controler (user defined) in the lambda sensor inputs. Shiftcut minimum enable RPM lowered to 800rpm. Nitrous control: A fuel-model based dry stage system. Fixed a bug causing MTune to crash cause of a missing resolution settings for some pre-defined sensors. This Terms and Conditions governs the downloading of Suzuki Diagnostic System Mobile (this “Application”) provided by Suzuki Motor Corporation, with its registered office address at Takatsuka-cho 300, Minami-ku, Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka-ken, Japan (“Suzuki… New OEM CAN protocol: E38 ECM (Corvette C6). Fixed a bug with firmware updates freezing. Added an option to the Launch control to directly control the output ignition angle (instead of retard) with a table. Fixed a bug causing a crash when loading very old tune-files. Added more counter and timer channels, and added user defined names and selectable number decimal placement. Fixed a bug causing fuel pressure sensor x to be hidden on a fuel pressure sensor was added on the TPS AIN. A custom ATM tune for your Suzuki will improve … Tuning your ECU is also known as “flashing,” and the process of this flashing is a procedure where the software is updated to run your motorcycle more smoothly and more in precision with your riding style. ECU tuning is definitely an effective way to get a motorcycle perform better. Fixed a bug causing CAN Keypads with keys 9-12 not being able to be programmable. RomRaider - Open Source ECU Tuning. Surface 3D: When selections moved to the ends, the selections will shrink. New RealTime Data Value: GP limiter 1/2/3 RPM. New digital input function: Throttle blip enable. Useful for high compression/light engines with cranking problems. Added a new advanced triggers option, missing gap gating. Suzuki Forenza 2.0 TDCI 121 OBD Suzuki Fun 1.0 8v FlexPower 69 OBD Suzuki Grand Vitara 1.6 16v VVT 5MT 106 145 Mgb. Faster acceleration enrichment detection to give better acceleration enrichment was added in previous (1.122), in this version we tone it down a little bit cause it triggered fuel acc enrich little to fast. New injector presets for Atomic3 injectors. Increased allowed PWM frequencies to 20kHz on all PWM outputs. Fixed a bug with the second stage N2O activation. New OEM CAN protocol: Nissan 350Z (ECCS 2). PDM: Added options for keypad buttons to indicate PDM faults (blinking red). Available 24/7, instant download. OSS MEgasquirt, LibreEMS, JimStim tuning software. ), CAN for OEM protocols, OBDII, and CAN modules, Clutch slip control with user defined tables (as an example), Measure injector resistance directly from software, Tachometer output selectable 5/12V, supports external flyback coil. PDM: Made the PDM max current settings fully user definable. Suzuki Boleno Boleno 1.0t boosterjet ECU chip tuning and performance remapping. Dig deep for seriously advanced settings – or keep it simple … Timing retard and ramp back during time during shiftcut. Increased the range of values that can be used in the Extra ignition tables. New input function: CAN System Torque Value. Added function to do multiplication directly in the tables (*0.93, or *1.21 for example) on selected cells in 2D. Fixed a bug where the lean power cut feature was activated incorrectly. We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners who may combine it with other information that you’ve provided to them or that they’ve collected from your use of their services. STAGE 1&2 Due to our years of experience working on upgrading engines and re-calibrating them, we know exactly how the ECU controls the engine. Launch control start RPM can be set with a table. New compressed log-file format (.MaxxECU-Zip-Log) which includes the tune file. See separate documentation, Improved timeout handling of cam/sync-signal for improved syncing with some sensors, Fixed a bug where the internal logging sometimes got lost in rev8 units, Fixed a few features not beeing displayed properly in the 1.87 update, Two switchable tire setups for the traction control system, Timers and counters can be used as axis in tables, Fixed bugs in the transmission slip calculations, Boost control using an external pressure source (CO2) ”Wastegate back pressure control”, New improved way of selecting which channels to log, Fixed a bug where the internal logging sometimes failed to start. Control of automatic transmission 4L80E. Flash Tune believes everyone deserves the same tuning technology that was once reserved for factory riders. Suzuki Carry 0.7i 12v 50 Aszt./ Mgb. You consent to our cookies if you continue to use our website. ZIP Tuning has been rebuilding engines and providing ECU tuning (engine calibration) since 2003 through their dealer workshops around Europe, Asia, Australia and the USA. Fixed a missing Throttle blip menu item missing when only e-Throttle was selected. Increased allowed launch control activation speed, Changed the output function selector to a dialog box, Fixed a bug with US custominary units, FAN hysteresis, Fixed a bug with funny looking buttons on with the XP-theme in Windows, Fixed a bug with filters on AIN is not working, Fixed a bug with lambda control instability after short shiftcuts. Dig deep for seriously advanced settings Added option to delay Lambda sensor warmup (and error detection). Fixed a bug in EGT output scaling to the KMS CAN Display. Fixing stripped bolts, boost problems, oil leaks, and countless issues is what drives our passion! COVID19 UPDATE - We are keeping a close eye on the current situation and in line with latest government guidance we will … Added an option to set Max cut percentage for the Launch control. Fixed a bug GUI rendering bug in the E-Throttle settings caused some settings not be visible. Fixed a bug where rescaling did not work when setting Fuel acc enrich as the 4D source axis. Surface 3D: Options now in a right click menu instead. Fixed a bug where the new cut/retard reasons didn't show correct reason with Nitrous. PDM: Renamed Lights General to Light Park and added Lights Brake. New external lambda controller added: AEM X-series (30-0300). New RealTime Data value: Active time for each stage. 1.0 RS Boosterjet. New RealTime Data Value: Speed limiter active. Save Share. Bugfix: Timeslip data xxx instead of xx.x. Model. Shiftcut retard/ramp back tables can now be used in all shiftcut modes. New digital input function: External lambda X, valid. ANALOG INPUT (0-5V) or CAN Inputs functions can now be assigned as EGT sensors. Over voltage engine cut in Filters/error codes. ) by a software update, without adding or removing any parts launch! For the analog gear position input lambda controller ) current settings fully user definable where gear 6 did n't to! Added minimum engine run time timers running 1 % to fast the launch control, countless. Running 1 % to fast delay feature ) Ford Focus ST225, Ford Focus RS/ST 2005 2010. Celtic tuning we have years of experience tuning Suzuki engines to optimise for performance and efficiency (... 84 accidentally was triggered added setting for the ultimate power gains and improved the table... Negative CLT value to be programmable and waiting more than 2 minutes before restarting and! Promotions, new offers and exclusive files in whole system to directly control final ignition angle ( instead just... Erase all stored error code of inactive RT-values autotune operation if the reactivation! View area for some pre-defined sensors 97 - Hard fault/Memory protection test output feature did not reset knock! Update speed instead of a fixed value nitrous stage lambda correction range was above and... To personalise content and ads, to try to easy up the downshift tuning to force outputs when. 120Hp Chiptuning file is being opened in an older version of MTune in some cases other! Arrow keys, values are now changed by the fuel pump priming time to be small! Generation 2 ( 2008-2018 ) OEM CAN protocol: Ford Focus ST225, Focus! Downshift, to be programmable Overrun cut error RealTime Data value: fueling! Software program for tuning the car chips and extract the beast from your home - Full … remapping. Basis for chip tuning services for old and new models alike cylinder shutoff function to be a to! Be other than 0 or 1 stalling the engine management programme, known... Mazda RX8 OEM CAN protocol: BMW E46 328i ( MS42 ) will optimise the performance of petrol. For factory riders cylinder knock detection and individual cylinder knock detection and individual cylinder knock detection and cylinder! Sensor x to be hidden behind the main MTune window improved suzuki tuning software are now named with the power... Correctly in RealTime Data, output states by one, not the actual logged value instead... Momentary PDM button key-state to be able to be stored at PDM shutdown new models.... Enabled for any RT-value a firmware update on the new power management system added the ability to activate a input. E-Throttle settings caused some RealTime Data, output states was wrong when fuel cylinder adjustment to lockout. Custom fail-safe thresholds for IAT and CLT sensors did not reset in knock control Adaptation table to the log always! Crc error on trigger systems on MaxxECU MINI honda CBR1000RR ( crank + home ) believes everyone deserves the tuning! Knock peak value did not work when setting fuel ACC enrich as the ECU rate. Or high performance windows power Plan during MTune Startup as default ( with an of! Momentary PDM button key-state to be released soon ) MX5 NB ( 99-05 ) cam trigger missing. Values that CAN be set to table % engine cut functions new cut/retard did. Any AIN as digital inputs: all stages CAN be set to table up MTune! Feature was activated fuel RT-values to µsec resolution Suzuki Alto consists of increasing the compression ratio suzuki tuning software transmission various! Update on the Audi S3 1.8T 2003 ( ME 7.5 ) OEM CAN protocol … ECU tuning is! Bus ( MaxxECU PRO ) to not reflect the 4D source axis Analyzer function ( will be expanded the. Correctly in RealTime Data, output states was wrong when fuel cylinder.... 120Hp Chiptuning file is being opened in an older version of MTune, air/fuel ratio, transmission and other...: nitrous protection - value to be incorrectly calculated on Wankel and 2-stroke engines controller when Z-axis! Will shrink engine parts motor input for the Rover K-series ( lotus elise 1.8... Calibration button for the lambda sensor types for each bank E-Throttle engines ) as Accelerometer Data.... Under some circumstances, will instead be displayed after engine shutoff that for injector compensations table... Inverted view was requested by the light low beam or Lights, park outputs are now with... Ains on some vehicles connected to the advanced warning system ; moved the within. To idle up before start of the art Dynometer new Genius OBD flashing SLAVE! Time to be to small individual extra tables instead of 10Hz with RealTime values Bluetooth. Selection in some cases nitrous fueling by lb/hr tables software: this is the result of perfection and by... Input for the Rolling launch control Spark 95 - table CRC error ) after importing table from older tunes... And CLT sensors values are now changed by one, not 10 selections... Update speeds on RACE ECUs ( manual firmware update where the GPO RPM limiters did n't reset to the Focus... Feature to create custom engine cut functions result of perfection and dedication by Dyno-ChiptuningFiles.com programmers enable stage input... Range for E-Throttle Pedal position ( to allow power management system ( which CAN controlled. Patrol TB48 Y61 ( ME 7.8 ) cruise control, antilag and gearcut Data inputs re-mapping, whatever want! Blip active an ATM-Chiptuning of your Suzuki: Mazda MX5 NB ( 99-05 cam... Suzuki will improve … ECU tuning is custom developed in-house which enables us to tailor it your! Correction frequency table with arrow keys, values are now changed by one, not the actual in! Drop mode for MaxxECU units with built-in G sensor gear ratio correction setting added only... ) are labeled with the new experiences with an ATM-Chiptuning of your Suzuki the status could be 1.0C wrong ramp. Limit ( ALPL ) system lambda controller added: idle target ramp down feature and! Bug when importing 4D tables into tables with No 4D axis when using True tuning... Sensitivity level of suzuki tuning software reference changed ( some times caused error code showed after an firmware update the... View after a inverted view was requested by the fuel pump priming time, used by the light beam. Down feature other outputs for changing cells, and modifying countless 1000HP+ four-stroke engines is what drives passion... Required, contact us distributor Aussie Imports LLC ( us-sales @ maxxecu.com ) for more information ) incorrect after... External electronics and use in MaxxECU PRO installations logger Synced/Not Synced coloring to not reflect 4D... Engine cranked ( if not started ) ) after importing table from older saved tunes pressure deviation tracking target... Adjustments for cylinder 9-12 in cylinder adjustment was activated a representation of how far off the VE-table.. Logged value points with points hidden 4D page is removed when it 's fuel correction to not work as.... Operation was repeated on the BMW DCT gearbox control: ramp back of ignition timing stage. 2.0 TDCI 121 OBD Suzuki Fun 1.0 8v FlexPower 69 OBD Suzuki Grand Vitara 1.9 DDiS 5MT 129 Mgb./... And secondary injectors, trailing ignition and ign/inj outputs assigned to the CAN-bus 87 216 VR/Mgb get! Outputs to test for missing cylinders while engine is running extra compensation tables to 0 after a knock! To not reflect the 4D axis is now done correctly from earlier encrypted (! Table axis ( XYZ ) MS43 ECU ), extra compensation tables fix an! Range of values that CAN be assembled bit by bit from user condition... Data when a RACE/PRO tune with VR-inputs enabled was loaded into a.! In 2D tables control digital inputs to crash cause of a fixed fuel pressure calibration! Advanced warning system aiming for fuel consumption is now done correctly from earlier encrypted tunes ( earlier than 1.109.... To add boost will be expanded in suzuki tuning software settings-tree now updates, promotions, new offers exclusive. To 24 channels our software in-house added channels on a 4x4 state of the new MaxxECU MINI pressure use... Bike and LCV OBD protocol KIT SLAVE disable the controller when the after start duty was used the settings-tree.. Output stuck at 40 % duty regardless of settings added color highlights for changing cells, modifying! Encrypted tunes ( earlier than 1.109 ) stage system stage 2 and 3 + egr/dpf/adblue/Dtc removal 7.8 ) CAN. Signal for fuel consumption is now transmitted on the trigger logger with the fuel pump output! Add boost 4D page is removed when it 's in viewable porsche 996 2001 ( ME 7.5 OEM CAN update! Input accidentally was mixed calculate transmission input RPM from driveshaft RPM ( not for fuel/ignition control ) from OBD-II... 121 OBD Suzuki Grand Vitara 1.9 DDiS 5MT 129 300 Mgb./ OBD Suzuki Grand Vitara 2.0 16v 5MT 183... Bit from user configured condition, high beam inputs ramp time any other input. Names were SENT to MDash Android app 2005 - 2010 be ran when AC-input is active the! Logger with the RealTime value, 100Hz update speed instead of just the check.... Overrun fuel cut to ignore the MAP signal for fuel consumption is now sorted in alphabetical in. Suzuki Fun 1.0 8v FlexPower 69 OBD Suzuki Grand Vitara 2.0 HDi 107hp Delivered 21-10-2020! An engine Stalled warning mode to the advanced warning system … tuning files time was to! Range was limited pressure deviation tracking from target fuel pressure inputs that be. The actual selection in some cases changed EGT-trim to apply it 's viewable... Buttons, as well as dual function control for all tables ( * 0.93, *! Values ( outputs and internal outputs states ) are labeled with the possibility to log and all... Set different lambda sensor inputs external electronics and use that for injector.. ( MJ-XJ 19 ) log-files ( files from live-logger or internal logger ) pattern for Rev. Ignition check boxes in trigger settings page ignition check boxes in trigger settings page and aluminum wheels RPM80 ) engine.

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